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FDA & USDA Pallets

Whether you need pallets to rack or stack, or you need suitable racks that can be used in processing plants, RPM Plastic Pellets will have just the inventory you need.

We offer FDA and USDA approved plastic pallets, including food grade pallets. Each of the pallets in our inventory is made from recycled plastic, and our pallets are easy to use, maintain and inspect, making the FDA or USDDA’s inspection process less stressful.

In addition, we also have nestable pallets that are prime for freezing conditions and steam cleaning operations; flat top pallets; one piece pallets; and full perimeter pallets. Be sure to click on one of the product names or pictures to learn more about a particular plastic pallet, or you can always call to speak to one of our representatives.

Make sure you don’t have to worry about the next FDA or USDA inspection by having the proper pallets in place.

48 x 40 FDA Available in 4 Colors

48 x 40 x 5.9″ Solid flat top, smooth surfaces for easy cleaning Extreme temperature and UV degradation resistance Materials […]

48 x 40 FDA 4 Runner Pallet

48 x 40 x 5.9 One-piece design Superior performance at an affordable price Picture frame bottom with runners on all […]

48 x 40 One Piece FDA Approved

48 x 40 x 6.25 USDA/FDA Approved One Piece Design Full Cruciform Perimeter Easy to Inspect Flow Through Design 4-Way […]

48 x 40 FDA Full Perimeter

48 x 40 x 6.3 Full Cruciform Perimeter Easily Cleaned Made of 100% recyclable FDA/USDA  Approved Materials Telescoping Double Legs […]

48 x 40 FDA Nestable Pallet

48 x 40 x 6″ Comes in 12 Standard Colors FDA/USDA Approved Great for Freezing or Steam Cleaning Operation Rated […]