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Custom Size Pallets

We provide a wide range of custom plastic pallets, including interlocking, lumber and closed deck pallets. 

Display/Drum & Keg Pallets

RPM Plastic Pallets offers display, drum and keg pallets to businesses in array of fields

Export Pallets

We’re your go-to source for recycled plastic export and cargo pallets, including euro and rackable pallets

FDA and USD Pallets

We offer FDA and USDA approved plastic pallets, including food grade pallets.

Fire Retardant Pallets

Fire retardant pallet, full cruciform perimeter  is approved by the FM Corporation; designed to protect against forklift damage.

Nestable Reusable Pallets

RPM Plastic Pallets offers half, euro, and conveyor nestable plastics that are available in many sizes and are built to last

Rackable Reusable Pallets

One way to help create more space and help your bottom line is to invest in rackable and reusable plastic pallets

Used Plastic Pallets

RPM Plastic Pallets strives to provide our clients with pallet options that suit a wide variance of budgets